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"I can highly recommend Nik as an outstanding hypnotherapist and energy healer. We have had several sessions regarding some family and childhood stuck energies holding me back. Additionally, during the times I was Covid virus-positive and pretty unwell... Each session helped me in a big way to recover and let go of unnecessarily physical and (as it turned out!! ) emotional pain too...
Nik has it all: the knowledge, ability to hold the space for his clients’ healing, empathy and great skills!"


T. from Dubai


"I highly recommend working with Nik, when you feel stuck and you would like to reconnect with yourself. We had several sessions together and he helped me peeling off some old layers I was carrying around with lots of patience, compassion and playfulness. Nik is an expert in his field and one of a kind. I feel great now, allowing myself to be myself and embracing it. Thank you from my heart, Nik."

C.P., Germany


I am very grateful to Nik for giving me a new and powerful vision of the world.
Nik works on a completely different level than others, using various techniques that speak directly to your subconscious so you can immediately shift from where you are to where you need to be. He does not force you to bare your soul to him nor does he seek to analyze each and everything that has happened and is happening in your life.

Rather, his goal is simple and straightforward . . .

first, you will experience a relaxed state like never before.
Then, his techniques help to immediately identify important causes and significant effects that, in my case, allowed me to get rid of nagging problems which originated in my early childhood.

I learned to relax and to get into a state where the mind is not always plagued by thoughts.

What a completely new and freeing sensation for me to find balance and enjoy everything that happens and see situations from a different point of view!
I know Nik can do the same for you.

D. from London


The exceptionally effective session, which not only sorted my eating habit in one go, but the experience itself created a memory that I can connect to in the future should I ever need to. Very intriguing and innovative, and definitely successful!


M. from England


“Don’t be fooled by Nik’s laid back relaxed attitude, his understanding and experience of energy work is outstanding. He listens and subtly replies with information that really makes you think. A rare mixture of practical and spiritual. Highly recommended"

A. from England

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